Your Inner Is The Lens To See Out

Gloomy was the sight, the sky was spreading murk, the wind was blowing ruggedly, incredulity was getting dominant, darkness was blindingly severe and nothing could make a fresh sense to me. I was wandering into the layers of pessimism, despair was touching from the forehead to the nails of feet. All this wretched state was the depiction of my INNER nature which was distressed because of worldly reasons and made the external beauty shoddy, which was full of charms and glitters. INNER is the lens through which we see, we feel, we observe and detect the outer world. Absence of inner satisfaction,  peace and happiness will lead you to the exhausted and weary state of mind which will reflect the outer world’s beauty as a melancholic sign and inefficacious landscape.

“To a man labouring under calamity, the heat of his own fire hath sadness in it. Then, there is a kind of contempt of the landscape felt by him” [Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature]



To get something is totally dependent on your way of getting it. In the same way, if you are sad, you won’t get things interesting, on the other hand, if you are satisfied you will enjoy the happiness and beauty of life. Thus all the pleasures and blessings are conditioned to the mood of your inner nature to perceive outer Nature. Maintain your inner beauty by keeping yourself calm and satisfied. Don’t let anyone and yourself to change the colour of your lens to see and observe externally.

 “Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace.” [Dalai Lama]

There are some strategies to retain your inner peace, happiness and satisfaction:

  • Stop expecting and start doing
  • Feel in your own way
  • Think positive and trash negative
  • Flashback to your good memories
  • Don’t forget your existence and importance
  • Focus on your wills
  • Concentrate on your life you want to live
  • Think positive
  • Looking for reasons to be happy
  • Search out pleasures for your soul



These are some keys to find your inner peace and to stay satisfied to maintain your inner nature to perceive healthily. People will force you, spoil you, trying to destroy your happiness, will get jealous of you, but don’t let them affect you: your INNER and your OUTER. What gives you happiness is yours. Nothing can be more powerful than your own emotions and mood. Live in your own way…

Written By: Yasir Mahmood

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  1. Umar Bashir says:

    A nicely written piece Yasir! Grest work!

  2. Ayesha says:


  3. Sikandar says:

    Bohhhhuut majaa aya parh k
    Well crafted

  4. Mahmood shah says:

    Masha Allah
    Allah kareem mazeed kamyabian atta farmaye Ameen

  5. Hassan Gilani says:

    Well written

  6. Asmah says:

    Spending time with negative people can be the fastest way to ruin a good mood. Their pessimistic outlooks and gloomy attitude can decrease our motivation and change the way we feel.i was looking for a some motivational quotes then i read it and i realized that
    I need to see my own beauty and to continue to be reminded that I am enough.yes live in your own way❤❤ Good work i appreciate it

  7. Hamzaa..... says:

    An amazing piece of writing… Keep working hard… Congo by the way

  8. Ghumama says:

    Well done.

  9. Sidra says:


  10. Warda Ahmad says:

    Amazing piece of work. Keep writing.

  11. Muhammad Afnan Wattoo says:

    Great job bro

  12. Mohi Ud Din Khokhar says:

    Ma sha Allah, exquisite style and really motivational, keep it up bro!

  13. Ansa says:

    Really an amazing piece of work… Carry on….

  14. Eman says:

    Worth reading… Much more expecting from you Mr. Yasir Mehmood… Keep it up❤️

    • Yasir Mahmood says:

      Insha Allah… I’ll fulfill all the needs and expectations… Need prayers…
      By the way thanks for your kind words

  15. Ashna Asim says:

    “People will force you, spoil you, trying to destroy your happiness, will get jealous of you, but don’t let them affect you: your INNER and your OUTER. ”
    The thing we all should realize. Very well done

  16. Jahanxeb says:

    A writing with a living soul, a great touch indeed. Thumbs Up

  17. Faiqa Khan says:

    Keep writing for people to make them realised.

  18. rabia says:

    advantageous work, keep writing dost May Allah bless you with great success.

  19. Asma majid says:

    Thought provoking! Keep up the good work.

  20. Sana Manzoor says:


  21. Aqsa Sheikh says:

    An exquisite piece of writing. Keep it up.

  22. Sehrish Ashfaq says:

    This piece of writing really needs to be read. Amazing

  23. Maria says:

    Really liked it, topic and content is really interesting and unique…….

  24. Sehrish Saleem says:

    Well done Yasir keep it up

  25. Hafsa says:

    Excellent work!keep it up

  26. Ali Hassan says:

    Good effort.

  27. Nimra says:

    Well written. Worth reading

  28. Momina butt says:

    One cannot keep oneself detached to the nature’s power, it’s incredibility and it’s charm… it’s positive aspects bring optimism inside the heart…
    Very Well done for promoting optimism… good job yasir!

  29. Dua says:

    A writing with a living soul… Well written

  30. Iqra says:

    Well written
    Thumbs up..

  31. Talha says:

    great initiative bro,
    glad to read your thoughts

  32. Ayesha says:

    Thanks for your precious words. Keep it up Yasir

  33. Dani says:

    exactly, Inner is the type of camera through which you capture out, according to the quality of Camera.

  34. Toseef says:

    Chaa gae ho yar…keep doing hard

  35. Muhammad Hanzla says:

    I appreciate your determination, Thanking you for your awareness

  36. Trish, says:

    If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference. Trying to bring change through the words is not less than a revolutionary step. Keep doing it.
    “At the end of the day, the best reward you can get is the inner satisfaction that you have done your best with what you have.”
    So keep doing the best. Keep sharing the best with me.

  37. Neha Awan says:

    Well done…
    Inspiring work…
    Keep it up….

  38. Qaiser Abbas says:

    Really inspirational and novel piece of work. It’s a right way to bring real change in human thinking and bring them out from this full of anxiety and depressed life. God bless you more success

  39. Attque Rehman says:

    This work is tremendous Yasir, keep it up.
    It will help you in future.
    May Allah success you more.

  40. Furqan Ahmed says:

    Keep it up dood

  41. Kainat Imdad says:

    Great work..
    Keep it up..

  42. Maria says:

    Very impressive as always….

  43. Kainat Imdad says:

    Expressed in an amazing mixture of consciousness along with intellect..

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