You Are Master Of Your Soul

Today’s person is totally captivated in cages which are made by him and forgot that he is the master of his soul. These cages are made up of disappointment, depression, darkness and complexes, but these all are his own creations.

What do you think about your life??…


Your answer is just your thought, your brain has a control system to run your whole body, your life changes when your thoughts change. Life gives you what you give it. If you think life is beautiful, then life will show its beautiful side and vice versa.

change your world

When you think something, it has an effect on you and when you continuously think same thoughts so they take control over your mind and then get straight to your heart and then finally become part of your soul. At that moment you feel weak. Thoughts are so powerful to create something new, a new thing or a new person…

So don’t be slave of your emotions, just think and live your life as you wish and start living your dreams. When you think you will lose then obviously you lose. The ground of your mind is full with all thoughts, and this ground is a battlefield. Your thoughts are soldiers, fighting with each other. And those thoughts which will win will take over the field of your mind. So think positive to make your thoughts win and at the end this winner from your inside brings calmness. Some people think their condition is their fate.  It is not their fate. Oh yes! their own choice.

Written By: Gloria

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14 Responses

  1. Eman says:

    Simply Wow

  2. Momina butt says:

    Yes we should be master of our soul… our wishes and aur desires but we eventually end up being their slave … Gloria keep it up…you did a really good work..

  3. Zuha says:

    Amazingly written.

  4. Anam says:

    A true piece of writing about life.. U nailed it

  5. Mariam says:

    Just a clap for u. A good message for today’s life.

  6. saggar says:

    very impressive and thought provoking article. whish u good luck and waiting for ur next article..

  7. Arwa Rasheed says:

    Think positive and stay positive even in the adverse of circumstances.Be the master,be the captain of your soul.Keep it up Gloria

  8. Abou Bakar says:

    Don’t be slave of your emotions, just think and live your life as you wish and start living your dreams.
    Thought provoking

  9. Taimoor Ahmed says:

    Indeed, we are not our minds, our moods, even we are not our thoughts.We just adopted these things according to our choice.
    A good message for all.
    Glad to know that I,m reading my classfellow,s article
    Just keep it up.

  10. Nida says:

    Keep it up

  11. Furqan Ahmed says:

    Nice job Gloria! you are right Gloria, one mustn’t slave of his immotions, but question is how?

    • Gloria says:

      Sometimes we want to get something, and we can’t so we start to cry. Even you get the same but the best one after sometime…so now tell what was the benefit of crying…i think it’s about control teach your emotions to wait for sometime. And always remember if you can think means you can do. Be a teacher of yourself.

  12. Furqan Ahmed says:

    Oops! by immotions I mean emotions

  1. May 28, 2019

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