Women Breathe When Their Families Smile

Women, a beautiful soul God has made. I asked her, “What’s the meaning of life for you? What is the reason of your happiness? What are the necessities of your life? What is the crux of your entire life?”  And she just smiled at me. I was so curious and I bombarded so many questions in front of her. I asked her again. With contentment, she said, “My family and my children’s smile.” I wanted to know how. How is it so? How is it even possible that women spend their entire life and pin all their hopes to other’s smiles? I wanted to know more and I started digging.

She trusted her parents with her life. She let them decide whatever they intended for her.  She told me how she used to be happy with just one doll or one new skirt gifted by her father. How she used to wipe her mother’s tears whenever her father was rude to her.  And she also mentioned how she wholeheartedly wanted to share her father’s problems. And whenever at their young doll’s efforts of making them smile and at her deny for buying a new doll to save their money, they smiled back, that meant the whole world to her.

She was a fountain of love and motherhood to her younger brother that whenever he cried, she used to weep for him. She used to take responsibility for her younger sister’s mess. And I wondered at that point that who taught her to spread mother’s love when she herself was a child craving for it. “It is not something that someone else injects into your heart. It’s natural”, she said. No vaccination is needed, I guess.

She tried to adjust to a totally different family. She was not just a housewife but a wife who supported her husband and walked shoulder to shoulder. She sprinkled the kind pearls of her motherhood to so many children whom she used to teach at school. She did not back off to so many responsibilities because she made a promise with her parents to uphold their smiles and respect. She lived with this treaty her entire life. She cared for her husband’s parents like her own.

It made no difference to her devotion even if she had to do household, cooking, laundry, washing dishes after the drilling routine of her 8:00 to 3:00 job at school. It did not bother her if things went wrong or even when she was rebuked by someone after cooking a little bit of salty food.  She was okay with it when she had to refuse her own mother’s invitation for dinner over some far off relatives in her in-laws.  She had to make her new family happy and that was part of the treaty. She had to be transformed into a powerful, brave and strong woman from a delicate, shy or fearful young lurk.

Nobody forced her, she said. It was solely her choice, her duty, her happiness when she waited for her man at dinner.  She changed her life so that she will procure her family’s smile with her love. She got operated in her backbone and at that moment she thought, “What will happen to my family after me? How they will cope with calamities of their life alone?”  She prayed and bought happiness for her family. She was forbidden to sit on her foot, to walk up stairs or bend to the ground. It did not let her give up. She just used her foot to help her hand with things on the ground.

 “Whatever comes in my way, I take it with a smile”
 (Kubra Sait)


Women left the side of their career but not their family. Whatever were the reasons, she was needed to make a sacrifice and she didn’t hesitate. She has always been the only one to tolerate the mood swings of her entire family starting from her father to her younger child. I ask her so many times and she says, “They count on me and I on them. They are my happiness and my soul.” I’ve seen her since the time I opened my eyes. I know her because she is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and before and above all, she is a woman.  Everyone has in their lives, one or more such epitomes of love, kindness, motherhood who live and rely on smiles of their families.

  “As women, we have superpowers. We are sisters.  We are healers. We are mothers. We are goddess warriors.”
(Merle Dandridge)

Written By: Momina Azhar Butt

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  1. Yasir Mahmood says:

    Women are the super creature of Allah, who bear for others, live for others and spend for others. A great tribute for all the women in the world: sister, mother, daughter…
    And Momna you really deserves a great compliment for writing this worthy writing

  2. Eman says:

    Hats off.. Momi…

  3. Abou Bakar says:

    Women Are Warriors.
    Respect and Salute to all women
    And Good Blog Indeed Momina Keep it up.

  4. Gloria says:

    Amazing! No doubt, A women is a leader by birth who deserve respect more and more.

  5. Ghumama says:


  6. Aqsa Sheikh says:


  7. Momina butt says:

    Thanks all of you. 🙂

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