Teachers (An Essence Of Humanity, Love & Affection)

“I’m slave of the person who has taught me even a single word, he can enslave me or set me free”
( Hazrat Imam Ali (RA) )

These are the words of our caliph, who briefly stated the value and prestige of teachers. Despite the matter, whether they taught you an ounce of knowledge or a complete ocean. We are always indebted to our teachers.

Teachers are the backbone of our society. They are the one who plays an important role in the progress and development of the country. All the other professionalists either doctor, pilots, engineers, bureaucrats or businessmen, merchants and lieutenants are able to be, what they are just because of their teachers. They are the one who is the basic and most important unit of this entire world.

Nowadays the role of teachers has been changed into facilitators but this doesn’t mean that their respect and authority has decreased anyhow. The traditional ways of teaching have been flipped in the contemporary world, all around the globe, so are the attitude of the student has been changed towards their teachers. In this modern era, children pay more attention to social media, the internet, laptops and mobile phones. Students are not in need of teachers to gain knowledge, whereas the students of 90s know the importance of teachers because they were far away from these technological products and the only way on which they can rely were books and teacher ultimately.

Previously and even now teachers are the only one who becomes happier when they see their students climbing up the ladder and reaching beyond their status and expectations instead of being jealous like all others. They teach their students selflessly and aims to bring out the best of them. How could we being a student become selfish when they teach us without any personal sake?

The students must acknowledge their teacher whether they’re in contact with them or not. I hereby want to mention my teachers Ma’am Uzma Ayub, Ma’am Saima , Ma’am Kausar, Ma’am Tanseela, Ma’am Akhtari (Late), Ma’am Ayesha Akram, Ma’am Sadia, Sir Jahanzeb Jahan, Sir Ahsan Bashir and last but not the least Sir Mujahid for being such an amazing human beings and not just only teachers and facilitators but ideals and role models. I thank you for providing me with such knowledge which will help me in this world and the world hereafter.

May God Bless You All.

Written By: Ghumama Amjad

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  1. Ayesha says:

    Excellent keep it up!

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  3. Hafsa says:

    Well done keep it up dear

  4. MUSA says:

    WoW. Impressed

  5. Fatima Anwar says:

    Weldone ghumama

  6. JJ says:

    Teachers and students are indispensable for each other… teachers are made great by their superb students. So r u. Superb and shining

    • Ghumama says:

      Thanks alot sir. I’m speechless. Your words always penetrate directly to heart. Thanks for being such an amazing mentor.

  7. Aqsa Sheikh says:


  8. Iqra says:

    Superb…keep it up

  9. Ashna Asim says:

    Very well done Ghumama ! Keep it up

  10. Hina Arshad says:

    Good job GR.. Keep it up!!

  11. Ansa says:

    Well done..

  12. Abou Bakar says:

    Teachers and students are the most important pillars of Socity and if they worked in same way on which they have to be work. Then socity progress ethically. Well done

  13. Awesome keep it my gorgeous sis

  14. Neha Awan says:

    Good work

  15. The beautiful and damned says:

    I hope people understand that providing,more like sharing the knowledge will help to have more stability in world and the world hereafter.

  16. Zuha says:

    Excellent article, keep it up.

  17. Zainab says:

    Teacher’s are like a ladder they step us to the next level .. we such realize that after becoming Teachers.

  18. Dania asif says:

    Impressive ,Amazing

  19. Maria says:

    Amazing art of words Fajr…. Well done and best of luck for next…

  20. Hiba says:

    Very nice. Very well written.

  21. Ayeshy says:

    Admirable piece of writing.. ❤
    May God bless you..

  22. Nigar Fatima says:

    Massive respect for all teachers.Good work ghaumama

  23. Yasir Mahmood says:

    Very well written Ghumama
    A teacher is one who is our ideal model and real source of inspiration.

  24. Nimra says:

    Teacher are roll models. Well said Ghumama

  25. Javeria says:

    Worth reading

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  27. Muhammad Saim says:

    A teacher is a heart of an educational system….worth reading ….. keep it up

  28. Kainat Imdad says:

    Teachers are indeed educational rockstars..
    Great job..✨

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