I am The Shine Of The Rising Sun

“Night is deceased, Sun is bright
Birds are taking high flight
Hopes are spreading to everyone
I am the shine of the rising sun”

                                                                                       (Yasir Mahmood)

Look at the sun in the windy morning when mountains touch the blessed heaven, the misty clouds wave at the sky and the oceans kiss the depth of the earth. The beams of sun disperse as hope with the dignified and elegant brightness which result in self-inspiration of selfhood. This inspiration leads to the heights of success if you feel it in the right way. It enlightens you with the real shine and passion of the rising sun.

To be the shine of the rising sun means to inspire others to follow the beams of hope. It spreads the guiding light to humanity. It carries the torch of wisdom to enlighten the society to lead people to the pathway of success and growth. It contains the flash which cannot be dimmed, the passion which cannot be lessened, the hope which cannot be faint, conscience voice which cannot be muted, righteousness which cannot be hidden, the enthusiasm which cannot be depressed and the shine which cannot be defeated ever.

shine of the Rising Sun

Rising sun sets the benchmark of punctuality and alacrity: whatever conditions, situations or climates are, it cannot be affected anymore. It is as compact as the boulder rock on the mountain and as consistent as the roots of the tree in the depth of the earth.

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”.

Yes, I have the warmth of the burning sun, a burning passion to do undoes. I am the shine of the rising sun because I have the sympathy of Abdul Sattar Edhi to help others. I am the shine of the rising sun because I am Major Aziz Bhatti who can destroy the plans of the enemy. I am the shine of the rising sun that I will become Taahirah Qazi to protect the stars of my nation. I am the shine of the rising sun that I am Malala Yousafzi who can confront bullets but cannot setback to raise voice for education. Yes, I am the shine of the rising sun because I am Constable Maqbool Hussain who will sacrifice his tongue but cannot devaluate Pakistan and always says: Live Long Pakistan, Live Long Pakistan.

‘I’ve been waiting for that bright sunshine to show up and shine in my back door someday’
[Luther Allison; ( Brainy Quote )]

To be the shine of the rising sun is not about crowning acts but keeping yourself motivated and inspiring others to do their best especially when stakes are high and consequences matter a lot. It is about laying groundworks for other’s success and then standing back to let them shine, as Lighthouses do not fire cannons to call attention to their shinning but they just shine, shine and shine.

So make yourself shine of the rising sun, not only for this limited life-span but your death should make you immortal on the page of history so that you will live forever.


Be true to your heart..…Be honest work smart
Whatever you do…..It will shine through
Shine will make your day…..And you will confidently say
I am the shine…..Effective than the wine
I won’t just say, but make it done…..Coz I am the shine of the rising sun

Written By: Yasir Mahmood


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  1. Eman says:

    Applause… Well done… Keep it up

  2. Qaiser Abbas says:

    You beauty

  3. Ansa says:

    Great work…

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