Self Identity – The Inner Defines The Outer


In this modern and mechanic life, everyone wants to be recognized one way or another. Self-identity holds prestigious importance and is a matter of significant worth. Identity is not only limited to men but also even today; women are striving for their self as well. As a sister, mother, daughter, wife or a woman, identity is what one needs to fight for. It should not be gender biased or sex oriented. Furthermore, this chaos made by our defined society can easily draw a line between genders and their roles but when one is determined to stand out of the crowd, it’s the identity makes one to erase these lines and step up to a new grade. Anyone can be recognized and can be identifiable in such dense crowd when one did something magnificent or something distinguishable. A person should deviate from the stiff, prejudiced notions that refrain him/her from being the star he/she is. If needed, he/she should select the path which is less travelled

“I chose the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”
(Robert Frost).

Human beings are harder to define only by how they look? How they live their life? or if there’s anything to live for? They are only recognised by who they are while being a member of a particular country. Though they’re a doctor, An Engineer, Teacher, House worker, Labourer or Writer, every job and occupation has its own perks unless or until one enjoys being in a particular field and finds solace in what one’s doing. This is what makes life easier and worth living for. Self-Identity is not only about people being able to remember your name but being the one, who looks himself/herself in the mirror and be proud of what he/she is.

Any occupation is momentous when one is putting heart and soul into it. Looking inwards lays a significant role in this. The boundaries should be broken every day to make the new ones. Never limit yourself to be something you don’t want to. Never push yourself to a stage of where you feel yourself to be drowning in the water. Never consider any profession less worthy because you make you, neither the society nor the profession. Be a writer, an artist, a music player or any other human you want to be.

Be a writer if you want, though It’s the sad dilemma that even today writers are not considered as proletariats as doctors or engineers or any other entrepreneurs. But even Writers can be Influential. They’re the soul crackers of society. A real writer makes everyone to heal with every word he/she pens down onto the paper. Writings evoke a new wave of delight and leisure in one’s mind. Whenever a writer writes something it always has subjectivity as it always comes out of feeling, emotions, inspirations, sufferings and many more such things. Let the society brag that feelings make you irrational. In reality, emotions make you know yourself.  Things which cannot be said casually, things which can be talked about easily, things which are hiding inside, things which are true, things which are fascinating and things which make the writer stand up front and be proud for being identified by the words he/she wrote.

When one is born, he/she is recognised as a child, then while growing up; one becomes a part of a socializing group which takes the level of maturity to another path. We meet people, friends, relatives and we try people to remember us by our name. By the identity, we’ve created while being a part of that particular entity. Everyone in the world urge for some sort of significance, any kind of appreciation is acknowledged by our heart and soul. It’s human nature to be recognized even if it’s only for two to three people.

I’ve always felt the need to educate that no matter if you are somewhat disregarded for the things you have achieved in life, there is always something missing and more to it, which is needed to be taken out. It takes a lot of time but when one is determined to explore, definitely finds all the answers within. For the purpose of exploring, you have got to give time to your own self. Never let anyone else be your guard. Your identity is yours.  your success is yours. Yours is you.

Luck is another factor which takes part in your life but fear should not fear it and leave everything in the name of it. Work is always the first key to open the chance. Then luck moulds its way according to the courage and enthusiasm you show towards success. If you are keenly behind something, everything will make way for you. Take risks, be a beginner, do it for you as no one is coming to get you. Follow your passion as per your valour. In the end, you’ll see yourself receiving bliss out of utmost agony. And at that moment, nothing will be able to stop you.

As for me, I always wanted to be an artist but my luck chose what is better for me and I happened to write. I started writing initially for the lost things or the things which were never in my control. Then I moved to write about feelings and I wrote diaries and express myself in fewer words. I took the path of poetry for this.

“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”
 (Dead poet society)

As a writer, one becomes able to write about one’s circumstances in such a way that can be appreciated. A writer’s stance helps people to enable different sorts of identities by mere readings. International affairs and cultures can be easily endured and create a resemblance to the native through the words of the writes of that time. But be yourself before being anything.

Now it is time for you to speculate, to emerge out as a different kind of being. Don’t be ordinary. You have something exceptional in you.

Written By: Warda Ahmad

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  1. Eman says:

    Great start.. Best of luck for the next one…

  2. Hiba Ashfaq says:

    Best piece of writing. It’s worth reading.

  3. Ashna Asim says:

    You’re right we all have something exceptional in us.
    Nailed it Warda

  4. Mohi Ud Din Khokhar says:

    This is on of the best and really motivational article I’ve ever read!
    Wonderful job Warda✨
    Keep it up, great and best of luck.

  5. Zuha says:

    Keep up the good work.

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    Well done

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    Nice work.

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    WOW Warda i am proud of u Nice !

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    That’s great…. Keep it up

  10. Teddy bear says:

    Dear, it shows that you put a great effort when you were writing it, it really motivational, I have no words to define that how beautiful you write it, it’s give courage. literally, Fantastic piece of writing.. Keep it up.. May Allah always bless you.. Good Luck dearest warda.. ❤❤

  11. Aqsa Sheikh says:

    Brilliantly written.

  12. Sehrish Saleem says:

    Well done girl. Keep it up

  13. Nayab says:

    Well done . Excellent piece of writing

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    Great job well done

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