Parents – A Blessing Of GOD

“I’m neither a beggar nor I’m poor but I’m poorer”

This too shall pass and that’s its beauty. Sometimes, it is cruel and rough shed while sometimes it is compassionate. Many people around you like your parents, grandparents, people in your neighbourhood like a retired eloquent professor who lives in your street, any old graceful lady who lives next door to you and either comment on your dressing while trying to seek your attention or passes friendly smiles from her window. But you are so busy that you can’t even smile her back.  The old guard at the gate of your society who spends his juvenescence life for your security and protection; the handicapped man having white beard who annoys you with his comprehension eyes, do you ever bother that all of them crave for your attention? They just need some of your time to make themselves happy. Several days ago I happened to see an old disabled man with one leg. I offered him some money but he refused by saying, “I’m neither a beggar nor I’m poor but I’m poorer. I spend the whole day outside from home because my sons, daughters in law and grandchildren think of me as an old showpiece whose existence is of no importance and its place is the silent corner of the house.”

That old man said that he just wanted to talk to us for a few minutes and it was really heartbroken.

“The best deed after prayer is a kindness to the parents.”
 (Sahih Muslim, Islamic Hadith Book)


Everyone is engrossed in life but spare a few minutes of your life for a daily talk to your elders, listen to their experiences and stories. Be their smile. They spend springtime of their life for you and in their autumn life, it’s your duty to be a flower and fragrance for them. They are poor because assets of their lives never have time for them and we are poorer because we have no time for our begetters.

Written by:  Nigar Hashmi

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22 Responses

  1. Yasir Mahmood says:

    Amazing works Nigar…. You really took a great topic….the great gift, the great blessing of Allah, the most precious thing in this world…. Our PARENTS

  2. Nigar hashmi says:

    Thank you Yasir

  3. Abou Bakar says:

    They spend springtime of their life for you and in their autumn life, it’s your duty to be a flower and fragrance for them.
    This line tells the whole story about parents efforts and sacrifices for their kids. A good message and a good topic indeed.

  4. Eman says:

    Intense topic… Well done Nigar..

  5. Zuha says:

    Something worth reading.

  6. Zuha says:

    Something worth giving a read.

  7. Syeda Ghazia says:

    Its really amazing nigar

  8. Ali Hassan says:

    Great words. Really amazing.Parents a great blessing of Allah. Well said Nigar. Keep it up..

  9. Momina butt says:

    Welldone my bestie… ❤ yakeen nahi aata ye tumne hi likha hai

  10. Masahra Azhar says:

    Nigar api it is outstandingi find it very close to my heart❤

  11. Momina butt says:

    Apart from joke .. a very emotional subject… I know because I was there… but everyone can relate to this…❤

  12. Maryam says:

    Great words… Parents is a great blessing of Allah….❤❤…. Keep it up….

  13. Nigar hashmi says:

    Thank u everyone

  14. Afsah says:

    Worst reality of presnt tym….

  15. Afsah says:

    Well done api…it was a great story….heart touching❤

  16. Qaiser Abbas says:

    Grand subject. Excellent description

  17. Muazzam Hashmi says:

    Amazing work sis…. You done a splendid work here. your choice of topic and words are outstanding. just keep up the good work….

  18. Aqsa Sheikh says:

    Love for parents can not be described in words but you have written in an exceptional way. Well done Nigar.

  19. Ashna Asim says:

    They spend springtime of their life for you and in their autumn life, it’s your duty to be a flower and fragrance for them.
    Beautifully written ❤

  20. Sikandar Ghaouri says:

    Simply amazing

  21. Ghumama says:

    Hats off.

  1. August 3, 2019

    […] Parents play a vital role in giving life to a kid so they are also responsible for their kid’s upbringing and self-control. An analysis declared that parental involvement and emotional expressiveness is the most important thing in a child’s life. It is not that parents are not concerned about their children, but sometimes they are not as assertive as they should be. Parents force some decisions of their own onto their kids which put them to the verge of alienation. Specific steps must be taken to save such people to fall into drug addiction and as they say that ” Change comes from within” so parents should consider being more friendly than to present a strict picture of personality. So that children feel easier to talk to them about anything and any issue they are dealing with. […]

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