Love and War – Inseparable if Not Moderate

What can be the possible difference between these two worldwide phenomenal occurrences? There is a lot. Everybody says it, I guess everybody knows it.  Whatever the differences are that exist there, no matter what the exaggerated definitions which are present there and no matter by whom. I believe they are inseparable. They are like two sides of the same coin and it does not matter what you get, either heads or tails, the other is still at its back.

I presume you can start with any one of these, it’s a surety, the other will be found.  Usually, it is the war which attracts our attention because it is pomp and show of love and we love such pomp and show. On the other side love is a frightened pigeon which fears the cat and closes its eyes. Although the cat is nowhere to blame. If she befriends the pigeon, she will die out of hunger.  Anyhow it’s not just about the hide and seeks game of cat and pigeon, the matter is of complete seriousness and great importance. That is, everyone is fighting his/her own war. This is a war of survival and it is inevitable. But it has its limitation. It is just a matter of understanding.

You know that love leads you to war and where there is war, there is love behind it.  You love something and start protecting it. You try to guard it by giving up whatever it takes.  Starting from your love with your favourite pen to love with your country, you defend your love even by sacrificing your life. And here comes the war, the other half of your love. That’s how you start a war. You may have heard this saying that if there is smoke then there must be a fire somewhere.

You start a war against the ones who are against your love.  Well! I already told you that it is not important from where you start and everybody has different choices.  The thing is, you know from where did you start but the end is not in your control. It acts like a stray dog without a leash.

Love and War

You might know extreme love is extremely selfish. It makes you blind just like war makes you. You are unable to see through the love of other people. Oh! Love is selfish even with its own kind. Then what benefit it can bring to you?  Luckily I’m not the one who wants to talk about a typical love. I don’t want you to know what love is, what true or fake love is. And I know it’s not my cup of tea either. It should be referred to some expert. Anyhow, I’m just talking about war and its unbreakable bond to love.

I told you that war attracts everyone like a magnet. I would like to call them metallic. Few of them fall for it and they are the ones who don’t even fall for love. They are the exceptions and the pitiable examples who just join in by seeing others joining it. The rest of them fall in a trap of war because of their love to their religion, homeland, culture, their relations and their belongings. I respect them but I wonder those patriots, those metallic ones who have not seen any battle in their lives and they support it so passionately. They have not seen even a single bloodshed, the destruction of every building, deaths of infants, shameless, disrespectful killings and debauched women.

Love and War

I just want them to know what they are wanting.  You may have heard this, “Distant drums sound well.”  I know you are wise to understand it.

Anyhow, whether its war or so much love, destruction follows. Because “Excess of everything is bad.” So go nowhere but stand with moderation and stay optimistic. Don’t fall for war rather fall for love and protect your loved ones with love, not with war. I myself don’t find war charming at all. My point of view is not your point of view but I believe it is worth trying. Stay with peace.

Written By: Momina Azhar Butt

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    Very well written

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    Really appreciate your writing.

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    Good effort

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    Good effort Momi… Keep it up

  5. Javeria says:

    For these two things i am a firm believer in the means justifying the ends. Worth praising dear!

  6. Nigar hashmi says:

    Great job.people must know about both in current senerio.

  7. Naveeda Butt says:

    Keep it up.. good work

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    Samjh nai a rai is ko publish kis nay kiya hay……
    It was just a joke churaill you really did a great job❤i love it

  9. Momina butt says:

    Thanks everybody…

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    A huge wonderful collection of thoughts..ideas….and they are no doubt very inspiring

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    Keep it up

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    Worth praising effort!momina keep it up dear❤❤

  13. Qaiser Abbas says:

    Distant drums sound well. Illusions pursue but not assist

  14. Furqan Ahmed says:

    Really enjoy the article. Specially love is a frightened pigeon which fears the cat and closes its

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    Well written….

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    Good effort Molina.
    Keep it up.

  17. Memoona says:

    Good work Momina.
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