How To Live a Happy Life

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness”.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everyone wants to live a happy life. Life is a one time offer. It depends on us how we spend it, whether we live it with happiness or waste it in thinking about sorrows and difficulties. So don’t throw away it by imagining false about yourself and for others or by being pessimist or worried about future because the script of our lives has been written by the dearest ALLAH Almighty, WHO says in Quran ”Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond that it can bear” (Quran, 2:286).

Peace of mind is essential to lead a happy and successful life. Don’t let others rule over you and don’t give them the key that some other person is the reason of your smile or your happiness.

Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money or other luxuries of life, but with YOU! find your inner satisfaction. Here are five small and simple ways to live a happy life and they are not that much difficult to do.

happy life

Being imperfect:

Trying to be a perfect person in this worldly life is like setting the benchmark too high that you cannot achieve. Because no one is perfect at all. Expecting too much from your relations or from your job or family can hurt you and disturb your peace of mind. As everyone has good qualities as well as some deficiencies in his or her personality, so dreaming about to be perfect will eat you alive and your happiness. Go for what is good enough for you instead of being a perfectionist and live in the moment and say yes to being imperfect and make your life easier.


Let it go, let it leave, what is yours will come to you. Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do and may take some time. Be strong enough to forget about the past and that person who did wrong to you. Unless you don’t forgive that person, you are emotionally linked with him or her and this is what will bother you. Make a habit to forgive others for your own sake as your own inner turmoil and peace are far more important than that person. Once you make a habit, it is easy for you to forgive others and yourself too for the mistakes that you have done in the past.

Make others happy:

To put a smile on someone’s face is the best thing you can do in your life. As it is easy to make someone cry but to make them happy is one of the most difficult tasks of this short-lived life. What you give will surely come back to you, so spread happiness and in return, you will be happy. Try to figure out someone’s problem who asks you for your help and then try to solve it, listening to your friend who is not feeling well will broadcast a smile on their face as you are giving them attention and paying heed to their trouble.


Pessimism will lead you towards your downfall and can limit your life. So try to think positive about your life, relationships and most importantly about your future. Be optimistic, change your thoughts, eat healthy food and live well, have a conversation with people who themselves spread positive vibes and who cares about others feelings.

Surround yourself with supportive people:

Don’t ever try to change yourself for the sake of others as it is your life. So surround yourself with the group of people who are supportive and who boost up your self-esteem, your values and dreams. Avoid the company of those who show themselves as being loyal and concerned about you but in reality, they are false friends. Spend less time with those who always criticize others and never try to look upon at their own selves. Moreover, be productive and creative for your own sake and find support from people, books and blogs etc.


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”.

Written By: Eman Naveed

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  1. Ghumama says:

    Great attempt darling.

  2. Aqsa Sheikh says:

    Much needed blog for people. Well done. ✨

  3. Zuha says:

    Great job, keep it up.

  4. Ansa says:

    Worth reading. Well done

  5. Hiba says:

    It’s really worth reading

    • Eman says:

      Grateful ❤️

    • Qaiser Abbas says:

      The mind is it’s own place,and in itself
      Can make heaven of Hell, and Hell of heaven.
      Worth reading keep it up it’s need of time to bid adieu to anxiety and depression via developing our way of seeing the world in this sense

  6. Sidra says:

    Good job

  7. Hafsa says:

    Well needed for me!well done

  8. Sehrish Saleem says:

    Well done keep it up

  9. Tahira Abbas says:

    I loved it because mental peace is everything and this leads to happiness. I liked the last quotation of Buddah you used to conclude it. Lots of love to you. Keep going <3

  10. Nayab says:

    Amazing work dear

  11. Nigar hashmi says:

    Keep it up Eman

  12. Nimra says:

    Worth reading. Keep it up Eman

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    Appreciate able work Eman….

  14. Ayesha says:

    Beautiful piece of writing.. ❤❤

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    Excellent Emaan, keep it up bruh✨

  16. Ashna Asim says:

    A very needful topic chosen… Amazing Eman❤

  17. Warda Ahmad says:

    It’s so good to read and Influential for lot. Well done. Keep it up.. Soon yiu’ll reach the heights of success in shaa Allah ❤️

  18. The beautiful and damned says:

    Caricature in pakistani version
    Boy 1: anideya ey mazak ey?
    Boy 2 :nai ey absence of azaab ey

    Its perfect emi

  19. Fatima Ali says:

    Amazing a big applause for this

  20. Yasir Mahmood says:

    Your writing is a way to look out of your gloomy version by adopting some strategies. Do for yourself… Let people say against you… It shouldn’t affect you… Forgive them by showing your utmost optimism. Male yourself happier, nothing matters except it… Because you’re the centre and focus point.
    Indeed a good writing Ms. Eman Naveed Liaqat Ali. Keep doing your best through your power of words and colours pf pen. Changes can be brought through new ideas and ways… Fabulous job. Keep shining through your glow of mighty PEN…

    • Eman says:

      Honored❤️.. Thank you so much for ur kind words and advices.. I’ll try my best to make all these changes in myself!!!

  21. Abou Bakar says:

    A great topic and great lines Indeed

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    Amazing… dear maano!!

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    Very well done my Kid..

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    ALLAH mazeeed kamyabion sy nawazey.. Ameen

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    Worth reading material dear

  27. Qaiser Abbas says:

    Pen is mighter then sword and your pen is doing good job

  28. The beautiful and damned says:

    A young kid asked his grandfather about bad people and good people.. after a long time the he asked what are you thinking about granddad? He replied “There is a war between two wolf going inside me,one is bad egoistic,filthy abd evil and the other one is good , peaceful,calm,and clean …but both are fighting .he got up and left home …but just before going out young kid asked but who won the fight ? …the one you feed ;said grandad while dusting off his hat
    To sum up all that ..i feel like we all have this …but sometimes we mix up few life concepts with war within ourselves and think of things that this is right…or this is right …to have a happiness is to have love ..but sometimes if you really ask for love.. there’s always a sacrifice to pay …maybe years to wait for someone? …a person with happy life also have dreams .. because as a human being we all demand for more for ourselves …a very few chose to stay happy for what they have … above all that you’re a Preacher …and the article is superb

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