How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Choose a good domain name plays a vital role in the success of a blog or a website because it is the identity of your blog. People will remember your blog with its domain name and they will come back to your blog using this domain name. A good domain name is the first impression your blog gives and giving an excellent first impression of your visitor is the most important step.

Right now, I will describe some of the useful tips to choose a good domain name which will enhance your branding and identity. People invest so much on their domain names in order to be successful and you will be amazed by seeing the value of the most expensive domain names.


Why Choosing a good Domain Name is Important?

As I said above that domain name is the first impression your blog gives to your visitor and they will remember your blog by its domain name and come back to your blog by using it. In search engine or any other place, a good domain name will make your blog stand out of the others and increase your blog’s reputation. You should remember these following points before choosing your domain name.

  • Your domain name must be your Company name.
  • Your domain name should be unique and compelling and matches your blog’s niche.
  • Your domain name must have your main keyword in order to get rank well in search engine.
  • Avoid confusing or complicated words and make your domain name simple.
  • Never use numbers in domain names because it will be difficult for your visitors to remember them so you will lose visitors.
  • Your domain name must be short and simple.


Should use a Hyphen or Not?

When you chose a domain name which contains more than a single word then sometimes it looks bad and to avoid that ugliness some people suggest to use a hyphen among words. This is a very common question among many people to either use a hyphen or not? Does it really have some benefits or not? Let’s discuss this confusing point.



The hyphen would help your domain name to look good to search engines and humans and many websites or blogs are using a hyphen in their domain name. Sometimes you could not get your domain name due to lack of its availability and in this situation, you can add hyphens in your domain name and get it.



By using the hyphen in your domain name will make your domain name a little bit harder for a user to write or remember so maybe you would lose some of your visitors. Some people think that using a hyphen in your domain name will affect your ranking but I can’t say anything about this for sure because that’s really a big doubt till yet and no one knows how exactly search engines rank your blogs or websites.


Which TLD (Top Level Domain) should you choose?

There are many Top level domains available like .com, .org, .net or many others. It’s really tough to choose between them and you should be well aware of your blog niche before choosing your domain name extension.

If you are planning to attract International audience then you must use .com because it is the best Top level domain extension but if you are planning to make a blog for the local audience then you can use country-specific extension which is preferable and is easily available nowadays.


These are some of the things everyone should remember in mind before choosing a domain name and for your facility, there are a lot of domain tools available online which will find you a good domain name. These tools will give you detail information regarding any domain name including their availability, their extension availability and also give you suggestions if the requested domain is not available.

A good domain name is a very first step in building a successful blog and we hope that this article will be very useful for you to choose a good domain name and making a successful blog on it.

Written By: Salman Khalid

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