Happiness is Self Made

“The key to happiness is being happy by yourself and for yourself”
~Ellen Degeneres


Most people appear fine apparently while deep inside they are sad and screaming. It seems that they are drenched in absolute loneliness and emptiness even when surrounded by a huge mass. Masks are worn with sparkling eyes and fake smiles are there on the hollow souls just to continue the formality of living. Either the whole blame is given to the society or to the inferiority complex because of the things that they do not have in their lives. Contrariwise, the happiness is searched for in gossips, chats, media and parties, in short everywhere except in their own selves and so it remains undiscovered. The only thing everyone needs to know from this very moment is that “HAPPINESS IS SELF MADE”.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody has access to all the luxuries of life. What needs to be changed is our own perceptions and thoughts. There are sometimes few habits that are honed or sometimes few which need to be eradicated for being truly happy. For example, the “inner look or self-talk” is the utmost need and process to find calamity and happiness. Accepting yourself as you really are, is the key to satisfaction. The things you say to yourself shape your life. The words “I AM ENOUGH, AND I AM HAPPY” can change your life. Say these words every morning and remind yourself that you have a beautiful mind and soul. Say these words when you are feeling good, and even say them when you are feeling bad. But believe! these words are the tonic and the truth that you need to acknowledge for yourself. You are enough and happy, and you need not to become anyone different for social approval. The more you say these words, the more your inner judge will give you the win for being happy.


However, one thing that is to be removed from lives is “comparison” and the mania of Social media watering this plant is one of the greatest results of this era which at the same time is the worst of all. Albeit it has played a significant role in connecting thousands of people but what about the complications the so-called global village is creating? Studies show that people using more Facebook, Instagram and other platforms are likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. The way people upload their daily stuff with colour-enhanced looks leads to inferior complexity for others and the race does not end there as it leads to depression and other complexities as well. The dilemma is that happiness is somehow forgotten, and it depends only on showing off things whereas the amazing things happening around are overlooked. However, in order to be happy, we literally need not compare ourselves with others in such a way because they have their own stories to live in and we have our own and this makes everyone unique.


Happiness is a vine that takes roots and grows within the heart, never outside it.
~Paulo Coelho

Good news is that the secret to be happy is simple. Just shrug your shoulders and accept that you are amazing the way you are. Surround yourself with people who have positive vibes, find mentors, take good diet, exercise, adequate sleep, inhale positive thoughts and aim high. Enjoy all the little things with a beautiful smile and remember that nobody is going to find it for you because “HAPPINESS IS SELF MADE”.

Written by: Aqsa Sheikh

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76 Responses

  1. Yasir Mahmood says:

    That’s truly right Aqsa….
    happiness comes from with in…..

  2. Ghumama says:


  3. Gloria says:


  4. Eman says:

    Good.. Keep it up

  5. Sehrish Saleem says:

    Well said . Keep it up

  6. Neha Awan says:

    Good work

  7. Maria says:

    Very impressive and interesting aqsa as always…. Well done dear

  8. Nayab says:

    Excellent work dear

  9. Haseeb says:

    Good Effort

  10. Ashna Asim says:

    Indeed the words “I AM ENOUGH, AND I AM HAPPY” can change your life.
    Wonderful Aqsa ♥

  11. Zuha says:

    Happiness comes from within, very true.
    Great effort keep it up.

  12. Nimra says:

    Thats so true. Happiness is inside us. Well written dear keep it up

  13. Heer Rajput says:

    Its worth reading♥️really interesting..keep it up♥️

  14. Hina Arshad says:

    It’s just as…”Nobody can measure how deep the ocean is by looking at it’s surface”…
    Good job Aqsa keep it up!

  15. Mariam says:

    It is amazing… love the way you describe your thoughts .. it would be very helpful for those who are stuck in the casualties of life

  16. Aleena says:

    This is so good keep it up the good work

  17. Jiya says:


  18. Hafsa says:

    Well done dear

  19. Aqsa says:

    Very well written ❤️

  20. Ayesha says:

    Exceptional work. Keep up the good work with good words.

  21. Qaiser Abbas says:

    Excellent piece of work

  22. Ayesha says:

    well done keep it up!

  23. Warda Ahmad says:

    Great… Keep it up

  24. Atoofa says:

    Welldone. Keep it up my friend.

  25. Abou Bakar says:

    one thing that is to be removed from lives is “comparison”

    These are the lines which if follow, nobody can be suffer from anxiety.

  26. Hussain abdullah says:

    کمال کمال، بہت کمال۔۔۔کیا خبوصورت موضوع اور کیا عمدہ لکھا۔۔۔۔
    Say ur self every morning ” I’m happy”.. That’s great
    How can u dipressed if u have almighty Allah in ur life…impressed❤❤

    • Aqsa Sheikh says:

      I’m thankful for your words Hussain.
      Definitely Allah is the Supreme Power and we need Him and His remembrance to get peace.
      کیونکہ دلوں کو سکون صرف اسی کے یاد سے ہے.. ♥️

  27. Agha Shahrukh says:

    That’s very right “I’m enough and I’m happy” can change our life. Very well written. Loved the idea and expression. Keep it up.

  28. Noor u Batool says:

    You explained it beautifully ☺ very well done

  29. Ayeshy says:

    Really Beautiful and really motivational..
    May God bless you.. ❤

  30. Mubeen says:

    100% right …happiness comes from inside of us

  31. Iqra says:

    Well written…

  32. The beautiful and damned says:

    For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of your happiness

    This is marvellous

  33. Mohi Ud Din Khokhar says:

    Well said, keep it up Aqsa!

  34. Kainat Imdad says:

    Written well..✨

  35. Mehran Shaukat says:

    Really great work Aqsa…
    The very rare thing now a days is happiness…
    Everyone wants someone to sit with him/her and laugh without any reason…
    These sad songs, posts, other’s harsh and disturbing comments of you make people more sad…everyone must overcome it and should be a prince/princess of his/her own world

    • Aqsa Sheikh says:

      Exactly Mehran.
      We must all accept ourselves as prince or princess of our own world. This is how the change begins and we start to find happiness in our own.

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