Feel Differently, Think Otherwise……. Make Difference

God has created the Universe embellished with trees and plants, skies and lands, birds and animals, waves and airs, stones and minerals, water and sand, and so on. The supreme beings amongst all these categories are HUMAN BEINGS who were created differently by God…Different from all beings. Conserve the ‘difference’ by making difference: Feel Differently, Think Otherwise…….Make Difference . Difference will make you different

Make Difference

There is more to you than what you think it is. Think in your depth and bring out the inestimable pearl, touch the heaven above and glance at the sacred beauty. The joy lies in your thinking, imagination, and feelings. Hear those buried surges to make difference, observe the shine in darkness to feel different, touch the impressionistic assets to think different, because:

“Heard Melodies Are Sweet but Those Unheard Are Sweeter”
(John Keats: “Ode on a Grecian Urn”, 1820)

Renovate your thought, anticipation, and imagination because your chain of success starts from here, as you make them vigorous, you’ll make the difference.

No one can guess how things change and lead to the heights of success by thinking differently. People in old days used to observe birds flying on the heavenly sky, flapping their wings in the melodious gesture of air and under bird’s eye view…contemplating at the marvels of the earth. This was like an unimaginable imagination but The Wright Brothers made a difference and proved unthinkable into thinkable and practical by thinking different, feeling different and they made difference and showed the drowsy world that yes! People can fly, they can swing in the chanting oscillations of air and yes! They can see the jewels of zenith.  If one beam is so enlightened what would be the explosion of this enlightenment. This is how difference can be made under the parasol of difference in thinking.

Bird Flying - Make Difference

Thinking differently, feeling differently and making difference is not easier as it seems to be. You’ll see the bridge of opposition on your ways as you will choose the path not taken by anyone. You’ll see the darkness of thorns in your journey, alienation will make you aside, supporting souls will be diminished but your difference will make the difference. Your difference will be recognized by the trumpet of your success. You’ll be the one who will leave footsteps for others to be followed, you’ll be the one who will stamp the difference on the pages of history. Do your best to carry your dreams, your destination, and goals just by doing differently to mark your identity and to make a difference.

Leave the path of Commons, make your own roadway through your thinking distinction and getting beyond to the recurring patterns. Observe the undermined things, waving of air, murmuring leaves, ear of ears and mobility of happiness to transcend into the world of difference. Sip the boiling tea of creativity to spread the warmth of your difference and feed your soul with the freshness of novelty to freshen through your difference. Feel Differently, Think Otherwise…….Make Difference …and the world is yours…!

Written By : Yasir Mahmood

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  1. Ifra Rana says:

    Good job..

  2. M. Ali says:

    That’s really a good work decorated with stars of motivation.
    Keep it up Yasir…

  3. itsTAHA says:

    Great content.
    Keep up the good Work Guys.

  4. Ishfaq says:

    Good content.
    Will Visit again regularly.

  5. Nabeel zia says:

    Welldone 🙂

  6. Saqib Habib :) says:

    Paa g tUsii chaaa gay ooooo 🙂

  7. Mahmood shah says:

    Very nice good

  8. Jasia says:

    Superb Yasir bhai, The world needs to hear this and be more accepting towards the differences that are undoubtedly a key factor for creativity.

  9. Jahanzeb says:

    Loveliest. Bravo boy

  10. Mahmood shah says:

    Masha Allah Allah pak mazeed kamyabian atta farmaye Ameen

  11. Syed Zaigham says:

    “Fly your own way”.
    Nice words and suggestion.
    Keep it up and best of luck.
    Thank u

  12. Zuha says:

    Proud of you! Keep it up

  13. Sana says:

    Superb! Stay blessed.

  14. Ghumama says:

    Great job

  15. Aqsa says:

    Well done. It’s really a good source of motivation for all to think different and make a difference.

  16. Talha says:

    It is fantabulous…
    Wording, thoughts, sequence, imagery and structure… Worth reading…
    Keep it up bro… Best of luck

  17. Ayesha says:

    Well done stay blessed!

  18. Mohi Ud Din says:

    What a superb and worth reading source of motivation, great job bruh, keep it up, stay blessed.

  19. Aamina Khan says:

    Crossed the net… What a powerful expression…. Bravo…!

  20. Sidra says:


  21. Hassan Gilanni says:


  22. Nimra mahmood says:

    good job..we really need a pure soul of inspiration to make our world better and charming….keep on doing the great effort… good luck

  23. Sumbleen Mahmood says:

    A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.
    Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

  24. *Applause* keep it up !

  25. Hafsa says:

    Well done keep it up

  26. Arooba says:

    Well done

  27. Hira Rai says:


  28. Ansa says:

    Feel Differently, Think Otherwise…….Make Difference …and the world is yours…!
    It’s worth reading…..

  29. Mehran Shaukat says:

    Great work bro…keep it up
    Really motivational

  30. Toseef says:

    Good job keep it up keep shining

  31. Sehrish Saleem says:

    Well done Yasir .keep it up . I really enjoyed your work . Hats off to you man

  32. Maria says:

    Inspirational workwell done
    Hats off yasir

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  34. Warda Ahmad says:

    Keep it up. It’s really a good initiative and effort. Proud of you. Best of luck for next blogs as well.

  35. Nayab says:

    Well done yasir

  36. Iqra says:

    Good job keep it up

  37. Qaiser Abbas says:

    Great job proud of you mary Veer. keep it up. God bless you success on every step
    Sohnra work (beautiful) stay blessed

  38. Ahsan says:

    This is really amazing ….

  39. Usama Khalid says:

    Nyc ..

  40. Sikandar Ghaouri says:

    Well written

  41. Bismah Raouf says:

    You’ve outdone yourself… Exceptional.
    What a stance boy…

  42. Usman Ghani says:

    Very nice bro

  43. Mirza Babar says:

    Nicely Done. Thumbs Up Boy!

  44. Shehroz says:

    It’s really so impressive

  45. Nimra says:

    Very inspirational. Well done

  46. Tasawar says:


  47. it’s Amazing
    To make the big difference in the world….. everyone must chose the road less travelled .

  48. Eman says:

    Incentive… Keep it up!!

  49. Attque Rehman says:

    Well effort dear Yasir
    Keep it up and try is the key of success .
    I read this it’a appreciatable dear.

  50. Neha says:

    Great work…
    It’s worth reading….
    Keep it up..

  51. Muhammad Ahmad Akram says:

    Dear, well done work. Allah blesses you. You are industrious person and Allah likes those who concentrate on work hard.

  52. Ali Hassan says:

    Excellent job bro
    Keep it up

  53. Haseeb says:

    Excellent work..!!

  54. M.Afnan Afzal. says:

    Brilliant one,
    Keep it up bro,

  55. Fatima Anwar says:

    Worth reading…everyone need such motivational piece of writing to move on and live a successful life… Welldone Yasir..

  56. Momina butt says:

    Everybody lives ordinary life with ordinary thoughts but few know how to be extraordinary. Make difference very well done Yasir.☺

  57. Nigar hashmi says:

    Brilliant work yasir

  58. Ahmad Farid says:

    Awesome thinking bro

  59. Umar Bashir says:

    Well written!

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