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OH your soul!!!

It’s crying, sighing and saying; listen to me, listen to me. I wanna talk to you. You hear its whisper but ignore, Strange is that you listen to what you don’t need and ignore what you should not. And you let it cry, alas! Your own body parts are not your own, ignore them once they will destroy you.

Let’s start from today, sit lonely, take a long breath and try to listen to your own voice. Every soul is a masterpiece of Creator, A beautiful soul sings euphonious songs, and their melodies mesmerize you, it sings:

You are important

Your life matters

 Your voice matters

 Your feelings matter

 Your story matters

Make your life dance to the song of your own essence. And when you dance with your soul it frees you from chains of dismay. Your soul is a beautiful bird, which wants to fly freely, open its wings and let it visit heights, besides all hurdles one day it will fly like a Shaheen, no matter how much stormy situation is, it just knows to fly.

“Be a seeker, you will find hidden treasures

Search as the whole universe is inside you”

At least be your own! Let it laugh it can heal all wounds, let it speak it will expose all secrets. It will never disappoint you, obviously, it’s another you.

“Our greater journey is exploring the unknown wilderness within our own soul”

It’s not about one day to meet with it and then sleep it in sweet little lullabies, like a gardener flourish it until its fragrance hypnotize you. It’s well said:

Listener of today is speaker of tomorrow, so listen to your anima; it will enable you to speak before thousands. Amazing! if you get command on your own psyche, you will be a reader of other souls. I just know one thing, if you ignore yourself then how can you expect attention from others.  Ensure your worth, and then fly. Definitely, no one can inhibit you.

“Your soul is the essence of who you truly are, it is timeless, ageless and eternal.”

You are a painting of different colours but try to maintain these colours. They can be faded by your negligence. But you should be an amazing painting and be a painter for yourself. Always find out the faded colours and paint them again and again.

Who is going to understand your heart, believe me, no one, people just notice your scars but it’s up to you how you can hide these scars of your soul. No doubt we face, we fall, we hurt but to be the same for whole life is your decision. It’s never too late to get the next chance, as no chance is the last chance but you can say it’s second last always. For how much time you live, your anima is unit of your life so make sure it’s alive. If breathing is living then a patient in a coma can also breaths. Be independent of situations they happen and disappear but when you submerged yourself in these situations they cause weathering of your inner and one day it becomes difficult for you to pull yourself out. Every relation lives for a longer time if you give time to it, so give time to the relation whom you have with a person inside you and it’s just you.

Written By: Gloria

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  1. Yasir Mahmood says:

    Very well written

  2. Eman says:

    Much needed… Great

  3. Zuha says:

    Great effort.

  4. Taimoor Ahmed says:

    Hats off
    An amazing writer….

  5. Kainat Imdad says:

    Good job Gloria..✨✨

  1. June 12, 2019

    […] but when one is determined to explore, definitely finds all the answers within. For the purpose of exploring, you have got to give time to your own self. Never let anyone else be your guard. Your identity is […]

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