Drug Addiction as an Emerging Viral Contagion: Causes and Effects

University life seems fascinating by its name. Every teenager thinks that the moment they are going to step into some place named “University” they will be able to do anything they want. It includes friendships, late-night outings and all other things as well. Especially the people from small towns keep hiding it from their parents that they are spending most of the time outside of the hostel, chilling in sheesha bars and everything that is making them look cool. They have no one for check and balance. They completely forget what are they here for. It goes for both boys and girls. The misunderstanding of high school charms can lead to very serious, dangerous and shattering circumstances. Specifically, such students are likely to fall into drug addiction. There are plenty of cases reported during the past few years of drug trafficking and use. In high schools and universities, this situation is really alarming as well.

According to a UN report, there are 7.6 million drug addicts in Pakistan; 78% male and 22% female. These addicts increase at a rate of 40,000 per year putting Pakistan amongst the top drug-abusing countries in the world. The most disturbing fact is that the average age of heroin users is below 24 years. The actual number of drug abusers is much higher than what the UN reported according to government figures (Source: pro-Pakistani)

This above-mentioned report is hard to digest. The parents who send their children to go out and become a better person and do something good with their life. None of the parents wants to send their kids to the rehabilitation centre as the possible consequences of these narcotics addiction. The major drugs used especially in Pakistani universities as reported are Hashish, Marijuana, Weed, LSD etc and Continuous and frequent use of some of these drugs can be fatal.

The possible causes of drug addiction can be many but one of the most major causes is the problem of every adult, ranging between 20-28 of age, nonetheless, personality disorder and lack of self-affirmation. As parents always teach their kids that be confident, secure good marks so you can get into some good institution. They want kids to get into an institution with a great name. They often forget that beauty is not what it looks from the outside. Big universities come with big surprises as well. When a student belonging to middle class finds himself between elites, who don’t treat him well or even bother that he even exists there, the student is likely to fall into something which can give him the positive pleasure or vibe even if that is only for short time. Such students see alcohol and drugs as a form of escapism while not realising that this can eventually lead to risking their own lives along with their parent’s.

Following that drugs can be dangerous, its another cause is depression. People of our age are mostly depressed because of many different things going around with them. Any familial issue, any breakup or even a simple friendship fight can end up in serious depression cases and then they see only two choices i.e drugs or suicide. They feel their life is finished because now that they have no one to talk to, they are nothing but failures. They follow the ways which can get them closer to be a masochist and they hurt themselves for the sake of getting attention or self-calm.

One of the other reasons is simply boredom. It is common in Upper-class society to do drugs just because they are simply bored and they have nothing else to do. Without realising the serious problems they find pleasure at the moment.

Parents play a vital role in giving life to a kid so they are also responsible for their kid’s upbringing and self-control. An analysis declared that parental involvement and emotional expressiveness is the most important thing in a child’s life. It is not that parents are not concerned about their children, but sometimes they are not as assertive as they should be. Parents force some decisions of their own onto their kids which put them to the verge of alienation. Specific steps must be taken to save such people to fall into drug addiction and as they say that ” Change comes from within” so parents should consider being more friendly than to present a strict picture of personality. So that children feel easier to talk to them about anything and any issue they are dealing with.

Other steps must be taken on a societal level. Government of Pakistan and education ministries have to make strict rules about the use of drugs and narcotics to save the future of the country.

Written by: Warda Ahmad

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  1. Eman says:

    Informative… Drug addiction is increasing day by day, destroying the future of this generation.. Going good Warda.. Keep it up

  2. Rubab says:

    Informative. Keep it up warda

  3. Ushna says:

    Quite needed! You penned it down beautifully

  4. Aqsa Sheikh says:

    Keep it up Warda. We need more writers like you to bring awareness in the society. ♥️

  5. Ashna Asim says:

    A great message for youth specially our media should also stop to romanticize such harmful things. Doing drugs ain’t cool at all.

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  7. Neha Awan says:

    Well done Wardah…
    Our society is getting addict of drugs day by day. You wrote it well for awareness

  8. Yasir Mahmood says:

    One of the current issue of Pakistan. Well written

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