Depression is Real

People mostly say that “depression is nothing. It’s just all in your head, you’re thinking too much, you think negative. Stop collapsing your thoughts with negativity and you’ll be fine” or some say that ” you’re far away from religion”. Some say that ” it’s all about attention seeking, this is a playing card of attention seekers”. But my opinion is different. I do say that you can’t feel it until you fall into someone’s shoe. You can’t feel what it’s like to cut actually means.

Being in depression feels like, you’re a burden to someone, everyone hates you. Your presence means nothing to anyone around you. Negativity starts eating you up with some odd thoughts. The solution of this seems to be nothing but to hide, to run to nowhere, to jump over from any surface and the actual one is to die.

It feels like everyone makes fun of you behind your back. It is actually like, you start feeling alone in thousands of people around you, makes you feel insecure. Their unsaid words become that loud, that you start feeling they’re hitting your head to the wall. The breathing of people irritates you like a beep of the unarranged mic.

Your soul becomes numb because of the words of self-hatred. Your body becomes purple by inhaling your insecurities and imperfections. You always start craving to fill up your life with love and happiness but you can’t. You start dying to have someone who loves to stand beside you.

But in reality, dark room, isolation, negativity becomes your friend. And the worst part of it is that people think that you’re happy being alone, it makes you different and odd among all. People start accepting it that you smile, laugh because you’re lively, they think you’re breathing, you’re inhaling happiness.

When in reality,  the frequently rising up and down of your chest is making you to puke, you feel suffocating. Your insecurities, imperfections become your inner demons. You even start feeling them around you, you can even start hearing their screaming that becomes loud at night when you all alone and the ceiling above you start pressing your chest towards the floor. You can even start feeling that those demons are about to eat up the rest of you and this time, This time, they are gonna win.

Depression is real. Depression is a mental disease. Accept it, otherwise, you may lose your loved one. It eats up the soul of someone, the urge to live, the fire to become something, the passion to attain goals.

If you see someone going through this, make sure you will listen to whatever he will say and believe it. Make him feel that it’s normal. And he can get out of it. Become their listener, never let them feel lonely. Always be available for them. Make them feel comfortable and suggest to them that it’s normal and good for them to visit a psychiatrist.

While summing this up, I want to say that everyone should have to generate an “Emotional Bank Account” in them. And start doing charity of happiness by spreading love and affection. Start accepting others the way they are. Stop judging and start understanding.

Start spreading positivity around you, be a positive person rather than a toxic one for anyone.

Written By: Tahira Abbas

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  1. Aqsa Sheikh says:


  2. Zuha says:

    Something worh giving a read.

  3. Eman says:

    Judge less, love more….. Excellent start Jaani… Best of luck for the next one❤️

  4. Ushna says:

    That’s one sensitive topic you touched. And you did it so beautifully. You go girl. Love you ❤

  5. Momina butt says:

    Great work Tahira…

  6. UmeAfnan says:

    Well said

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  8. Hussain says:

    This is amazing Tahira. Loved it ♥️

  9. Ghumama says:

    Great attempt sweetheart.

  10. Tahira Abbas says:

    Thank you ghumama ❤

  11. Safoora qazi says:

    Great well done

  12. Jahanzaib yaqoob says:

    Good one

  13. This is superb and breath taking!!❤❤

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  16. Mohi Ud Din Khokhar says:

    Great effort Tahira!

  17. Sikandar Ghauri says:

    Well crafted ❤️

  18. Usman says:

    very well explained. good work. keep it up

  19. Adnan says:

    Good efforts

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